Why LeFay?

My name is Magan Wilson, and according to my mother I was named after Morgan LeFay, a character from Arthurian Lore. No one knows if she is Arthur's sister, half sister, or a member of the Fey with several siblings. I can relate to that amorphous sense of self(although I have no doubt that Morgan LeFay knows exactly who she is), where you constantly evolve during the course of the day; yet, something deep inside you stays the same. That core of you is what orients your choices in each day. I choose to call that part of myself 'Lefay.' The Fay. That magical mysterious part of myself always brings me back into balance. 

I choose to call my business LeFay, because I hope that in expressing this inner self through my work that it would encourage others to also express themselves.

Constantly Evolving: The website says 'pottery' why do you have felted hats, and prints?

I make an attempt, at least, to constantly explore mediums outside of what I know, develop what I do know, and comprehend why I want to know. It results in me enjoying and exploring a number of mediums.

Any artist or craftsperson will tell you about the inner self that squees in delight when touching their medium. Paper, wool, and clay are a few things that make me squee, so I attempt to explore them all.

At the very least, I can make matching mugs and tea cozies.

Type, Face:

A logo is necessary for creating a business, usually it is an image, small and simple. An icon full of nuance in colour and shape. The symbology associated with them is baffling, and, honestly, those who design logos for a living are brave, brave people.

Logos are just as nuanced as typography.

This is the current logo that I use on all of my invoices. I'm actually quite content with it, although I think that I should redo it now that my brushwork has improved. I'm not sure that I'm a fan of the bold stroke of the 'F' or the tail of the 'Y,' or how the 'A' looks. I will definitely have to repaint it.

I much prefer the dancing script on the top of the website: LeFay. It's graceful and elegant, while still being legible.

Current Path:

Right now I am attending The New Brunswick College of Craft and Design. I have graduated from the Ceramic Diploma program, and have completed the first year of the Textiles program. I am cited to learn the techniques, and participating in the ritual of keeping ancient knowledge alive.

All About Colour:

I have noticed that in everything that I do colour is involved. From the vibrant pulses in my lithograph monoprints, to the hats that I hand dyed, to the lack of colour in my pottery. I am experimenting with new colours for my graduation piece. It's just very hard to find the right tone and saturation in ceramic glazes, and I fell in love with the flames in the gas kiln to the point that I refuse to fire in a oxidation environment.

Over the last eight or so years I have curated and composed myself into a very particular aesthetic, which has resulted in me somehow matching with everything that I own. It is simultaneously entertaining and somewhat frightening.


This is my cat, sleeping on a felted fish that I made in a LEAP course held by Tina Sharpova.

All photos on this page, excluding this cat photo, are courtesy of NBCCD and Bang On Photography

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